About Wolff Trading

An international meat distributor 

Wolff Trading International B.V. is an international wholesale meat distributor. We work with wholesale meat suppliers from around the world to offer our customers meat under the most favorable conditions. Our vast network enables us to offer a wide range of meat products, whether fresh or frozen meat, pet food, carcasses or halal meat.

Our mission is to transform local knowledge into worldwide ambition. We buy and sell beef, veal, pork and poultry from across Europa and Africa. Our vast network enables us to generate more sales for local companies, while providing our customers with quality meat under the most favorable conditions.

Our network stretches all across Europa and is mainly concentrated in The Netherlands, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal and Germany. We also work together with meat wholesalers in the UK and meat distributors in Africa, where we specialize in trading local delights.

We work together with certified logistical partners, thereby insuring you that the quality of the product is guarded at all times.

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