Our Products & Services

We import and export fresh beef compensated quarters within the entire EU. We work based on agreed quality standards with various certified abattoirs in the EU, which we regularly visit to maintain and control. We can offer beef cuts in fresh as well as frozen condition.

We trade offals, such as fat, livers, hearts and feet. These products are packed in boxes under own label or plate-frozen. For catering and wholesale we offer a variety of fresh beef and pork products. These include false fillet of beef, diamond muscle, head of pork tenderloin, pork collars etc.

At the same time we are purchaser of clean pork fillet, shoulder fillet, so-called fish muscles and loin ribs.

Every week Wolff Trading brings fresh chicken and turkey products from Poland, Thailand and Brazil onto the market. Meeting all our client specifications is a top priority for us. Our long-term experience enables us to meet your requirements.

We work with the SEUROP classification, thereby insuring that you receive the right cut.

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